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Are you looking to rent an RV?   RV rentals of Southern California is pleased to offer our customers a whole range of different types of motorhome, travel trailer, toy hauler, and trailer rentals. With all of the options we offer, you are certain to find the RV rental to suit your needs.

If you're not sure what type of RV will work the best for you and your plans, take a few moments to browse through the descriptions of the different features available for the RV models listed on our site. You can also give us a call if you're in need of professional advice. One of our representatives will be happy to help you find the RV rental that's right for you.

Please note: The flooplans and images represented here are examples only. Sleeping capacities do not mean like number of adults or full-size teenagers can be accommodated comfortably.  The features, bed sizes and amenities vary, so the layout of the vehicle selected for you could be slightly different from the image and floorplan shown here.  In addition, the number of seatbelts at the dinette and sofa (if present) may not be exact.  The numerical vehicle lengths are approximate. 
Specific floor plans or models will vary and cannot be reserved or guaranteed.
RV Rentals of Southern California is not responsible for any typos, misprints, or other errors. Product information and photography included in this website are as accurate as possible, supplied by the RV owners. Specifications are subject to change without notice. All fuel, liquid capacities, and other specifications are approximate and supplied to RV Rentals of Southern California  by each individual RV owner.

RV Vacations  

Contrary to popular belief, RV vacations can be one of the cheapest and most fulfilling ways to vacation in America today. This applies both to those who are renting an RV, and to those who own them outright. Many are trying to trim their budget, and yet would still like to be able to take that all important vacation, so necessary to re-balance from working. The total cost of RV vacations remains the best bargain compared to all other forms of travel.

As an alternative to vacationing by hotel and auto it is also far more convenient. This is especially true when it comes to traveling by airlines as you also have to find lodging, pack and unpack and so on. One of the main benefits of RV travel is the fact that you are packing along your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and other facilities, allowing you to spontaneously pull off the road and use them wherever you’d like on a whim. The hardest part of trip planning will be finding places to park, but this can be done in advance on the internet making overall trip enjoyment easy.

Besides saving money, time and eliminating inherent travel stress, there comes into play factors that aren’t so apparent such as the pace of RV travel. The different RV vacation ideas one can dream up is truly endless. An RV vacation provides the participants the ideal pace to soak in all the good that this country offers, or any other where you can rent RV’s. The travel pace is slow enough that one can appreciate the scenery instead of watching it whiz by or missing it altogether as in the case of airline travel.

Do plan some RV vacations in your near future, and we can guarantee you’ll fall in love with traveling in an RV.

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