Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of RVs do you rent?

Type A's, Type C's, Type B's and towables. Our web site lists most of the types and sizes of vehicles we rent.

How do I find out about prices?

Each motorhome will have a rate page that shows current rates.

Can I rent an RV for 1 or 2 days?

Private Motorhome Rentals has a four to fourteen night minimum rental period.

What about mileage?

Our owners offer a free 100 miles per day of rental. Additional miles are at .32 to .75 per mile.

Is a deposit required?

For most our U.S. rentals a $500 reservation deposit or half the rental is charged to your credit card at the time of confirmation. This is later applied toward your rental charges. When you pick up your RV there is also usually a security deposit charged and held during the time of your rental. Terms, rates and conditions of deposits vary depending on the owner. The owner will let you know what the details are before confirming your rental.

Are there other charges to consider?

Above the base rate of your rental, any extras you may decide to go with, such as hospitality kits, kitchen kits, emergency road kits, or extra insurance. If your RV is equipped with a generator there is usually a per hour fee on its use which is calculated after your rental. The average rate for this is $3.00. Also, before returning your RV it is usually required that you clean the RV so that it is ready for use for the next renter. If you return the RV in a condition that is not clean and ready for use, you could be charged with a cleaning fee.

Don't forget the cost of gas! Of course, we don't charge you for gas and your vehicle will come pre-filled when you pick it up. Upon returning the vehicle, as in any car rental, you will need to fill the gas tank as it was when you picked it up. Don't forget to calculate your total gas expenditures into your budget for the trip if you're traveling long distance. We advise our customers, if they haven't already, to sign up to any of the major gas station gas credit cards to take advantage of member discounts and other benefits to save on gas expenses.

Once your RV is returned there is also extra per mile costs for any mileage over the free or pre-purchased amounts. Costs vary from location to location.

What about insurance?

$17 to $45 Per Day plus admin fee (Or Binder Furnished From Your Insurance Company)

Are RV's hard to drive?

Not really. Consider that they are large and heavy vehicles with poor visibility towards the rear. They also don't exactly fit in the "compact car" parking stalls, so plan your trip accordingly.

What type of gas mileage should we expect to get?

This depends on the size or your vehicle and where you take it. Normal flat road driving average about 6 to 9 miles to the gallon.

What happens if the vehicle breaks down during my trip?

We have nationwide 24-hour roadside assistance, 24-hour vehicle operation assistance, 24-hour customer service in any of 13 languages, Toll-free technical service hotline, mobile mechanical services, and warranty station appointment service.

What are standard pick-up and drop off times for RVs?

Normal pick up times are after 2pm, with some locations allowing pick up as early as 11am. Standard drop times range from 8am to 11am. Times vary from location to location.

Do I need a special license to drive an RV?

No special license is required although you must be at least 25 years of age with a valid driver's license.

What about "dump stations" and water?

The motorhome owner will familiarize you with the ins and outs of operating the living tools of the RV. It's easy once you go through all the steps.

Can I tow a trailer behind my vehicle?

Yes and No. It is up to the individual owners. Most RVs come with pre-installed hitch receivers. Most owners charge a per day tow fee of $12.00 for towing.

Are refunds provided for early return of the vehicle?

Unfortunately not.

Are there late fees for returning the vehicle late?

Yes. Confer with the owner of the motorhome.

Have more questions?

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